A word from the founder

Hi, I am Sharon Gal Weiss, an entrepreneur and the founder of the association. I am 45 years old, married happily to Yaron and I am a mother of 4 children. I was born and raised in the city of Yokne'am Illit in Israel. In 2009 and with two little girls we set off on a diplomatic mission to Ethiopia for two year, followed by two years in Brazil, and then to Kenya after having our third daughter for another two years.

In the past seven years we have been living in Toronto, Canada, where another sweet little boy joined our family. Throughout the 45 years of my life I have gone through, saw and experienced a great deal – ups, downs, joy, sadness, harsh economical and mental condition and I think you get the idea. Indeed we all go through things in our lives, and that is what interesting, everything which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger and tougher. Over the years I have encountered many complex situations and challenges and have taken away important lessons for life. Everything I experienced led me to where I am today

Founder, Sharon Gal

All these years I have searched for myself and my calling, and the one special thing that will make me feel good, happy to get up in the morning and to be joyful for doing what I love, and indeed I have found it!!! I have always loved giving and helping out people, this is my essence, it's the way I was raised in an open home, with a great deal of love, sharing and giving

Chibuk Olami embraces the residents of Israel and especially the devastated region of the south where many are wounded, lost their homes, lives and are under constant heavy fire. We have extraordinary volunteers there to help and who arrive each day, doing it all under heavy fire!!!


Chibuk Plami Stands With Israel

Chibuk Olami provides mental health by various qualified therapist to those suffering from anxiety, fear and trauma:
Psychologists, therapist, coaches, consultants, NLP therapy and more
We match the patient with the therapist and vice versa. Everything is completely volunteer based and we have an amazing team of therapists.

We provide people with – food packages, ready-made food, baby food, snacks for children, toys, diapers, wet-wipes, bath and hygiene products, blankets, towels, batteries, flashlights, and more… Many of them do not even have electricity.
Chibuk Olami embraces the troops of the IDF standing army and the reserve soldiers. We have volunteers who go around the country delivering: Food items, ready-made food, protective gear- vests, helmets etc., flashlights, head-lights, phone charges, hygiene products,  first aid kits, watches, underwear, socks, vests and more

?How can we help

Financial economic assistance

Payment assistance for rent, utilities, medical care, toys, cloths, furniture and more

Mental support

Psychological and NLP therapy, coaching, therapist, fertility, couple's therapy, parenting support, child support 

Financial economic assistance

Payment assistance for rent, utilities, medical care, and more

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?How did it all get started

My entire life I was brought up to give and to help where I can. I grew up in a small town where everyone helped each other, as one big family which created a type of community. Over the years and on the highway of life, the town grew and turned into a city with many new people moving in and many moving away, thus turning it into a completely different thing. Although deep inside, a great deal of people were left with the feeling and desire to maintain a helping and supportive community.

During the Corona lockdowns I received a call for help. I turned to the community which immediately pulled together to help. The story took flight from one person to the next and I began receiving more and more requests for assistance. With the help of the community, the embrace and mental support we are succeeding in helping a growing number of people. Slowly the deep understanding was rooted that this is a call from the universe to establish communities for mutual aid based on the clear knowledge that we are all as one, and a good deed which impacts the other for the better is returned to us twofold – there is no bigger joy than knowing you succeeded in helping another soul in distress.

We are all bound together by friendship.